Instead of using individual hair strands, with the weft hair extension technique, the strands are applied in panels of rows. The panels of hair can be sewn-in, clipped with glue, or taped.

With the sewn-in technique, the wefts are placed on a base of hair where the individual hair extensions are attached. The base is often braided using a needle and thread. The technique is suitable for thick, coarse hair. You can find a wide variety of colours and styles at different costs to suit your budget.

Weft Extensions- Luxe Lengths


A lot of the longevity of the extensions comes down to how you care for them. If you let your hair get matted and don’t treat it well, it won’t last as long. With the correct home care, Luxe Lengths weft extensions should last around 6-8 weeks, depending on your natural hair growth.


As your hair grows, the extensions grow out. When you’re ready for them to be moved up, our stylists at Luxe Lengths can remove the extensions and put them back in. You can reuse your Luxe Lengths hair extensions for at least one year.


Beauty in Nude Makeup

* “Installation” is quick and easy, making the upkeep easy;

* There are various lengths, textures and colors to choose from;

* They’re 100% authentic human hair, meaning you won’t end up with some weird plastic mess;

* There is no glue, heat, tape or chemicals

* Relatively Affordable;

* Comfortable to Wear;

* Many Styling Options;

* Adding Color and Highlights;

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