What to do

  • Tie your hair back in a loose ponytail or plait before bed or exercising to avoid tangling or pulling.

  • Brush your hair & hair extensions thoroughly before washing your hair

  • Use professional hair products that are NOT silicone or oil-based. We need protein in the hair. 

  • Use a deep moisturizing conditioners

  • ALWAYS use a leave-in moisturizer and heat protectant on your hair after been washed.

  • Ensure that your hairdryer is on a LOW heat setting when drying the roots of your hair where the extensions join.

  • Brush your hair every morning and night. We recommend using a Dentagle Brush on your hair extensions to avoid catching the attached area

  • Loyalty to your hair maintenance. Yes, our hair extensions are human hair but they are not attached to your scalp so the only nutrients they get is what you put on them, unlike your natural hair that gets replenished from your scalp. This is why using the best shampoo and conditioner as well as leave-in moisturizer and heat protectant is so important to keep your locks healthy.

What NOT to do

  • Don't wash your hair for 48hrs after your initial appointment of having your extensions applied.

  • Never go to bed with wet hair. It will cause the extensions to tangle. If you prefer to wash your hair in the evening you must dry it completely before bed.

  • Do not massage the root area around the extensions. When shampooing your hair always use the tips of your fingers never your palms to avoid matting.

  • Do not rub the hair vigorously when shampooing or conditioning.

  • Keep conditioner and treatment at least 2 inches away from the bond/tape as this can cause the extensions to slip or fall out.

  • Do not bleach or color your extensions yourself.

  • After washing your hair and you have applied the moisturizer allow your hair to be 50-70% dry before brushing, this applies to letting it dry naturally or with a dryer.

  • When brushing your extensions always start from the ends of the hair and work your way up. Hold the section your brushing from the root while you brush each section to avoid any tension caused by knots. Be gentle as possible remember the extensions are semi-permanent and can come out or pull your own hair out if it’s done too vigorously.

  • Do NOT wet hair in Pool or Sea water. Salt water and chlorine will dry your extensions out, it’s best to avoid this altogether.