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Our hair is sourced ethically from an overseas manufacturer. We source our own hair and maintain high-quality control standards to ensure all hair is of premium quality. As everyone's hair structure is different. We offer different origins of hair to ensure your new hair blends perfectly with yours.

European Hair: With its soft fine and sleek texture, this hair is suitable for people with either thicker or finer hair structure. This hair can also have a slight wave. It is very compatible with caucassion hair and is a medium to high grade hair extension range so it is very popular in the hair extension industry.

Russian Hair: The Rolls Royce of hair, Russian hair is very similar to european but super smooth and luscious in texture. If you are looking for hair that will last a lot longer and stay in beautiful condition than russian is what you need to ask for.

We use 100% human hair that has been gentally processed with cuticul in tact!


1/2 HEAD

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Tape Makeover

Full head of tapes 22"

Half head foils, toner or all-over colour

Wash, blow-dry and blend cut


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Keratin Bond Makeover

Full head of 22" keratins

Half head foils, toner or all-over colour

Wash, blow-dry and blend cut




The Ultimate Transformation Package

  • Full Head and a 1/2 of Keratin Bond Extensions

  • Full-Colour Transformation - including Colour Correction, Balayage Transformation or Half Head Foils

  • Blow Dry

  • Trimming

  • Queen Style


The Signature Look Package

  • Full Head and a 1/2 of Keratin Bond Extensions

  • Blow Dry

  • Trimming

  • Queen Style

Our hair is the highest on the market and features premium Remy hair that is thick root to tip. Ready to crown yourself a queen? 


This method involves flat tape wefts that have a strong professional adhesive extension tape and are sandwiched around your own hair, using a professional application to suit the individual client. A full head of tape extensions involves 40 tape pieces (20 pairs). One of the newest types of extension application, it is quickly becoming the most popular as it is non-damaging to your own hair and can easily be removed and reused

Full head tape extensions 22”

Half head tape extensions 22”

Full Head Tape Extensions +
Full Head Foils/Balayage

Colour and Full Head Retape

Deluxe Retape Maintenance

Deep cleanse shampoo followed by a deep conditioning treatment. Blow dry and full head retape followed by a blend cut and style

Express Retape Maintenance

Full head Retape and blend cut on cleaned straight hair

Removal of Tape Extensions

Apply own tape extensions - Full Head










A semi-permanent method, Re-usable. Fit/Re-Fit every 6-8 weeks.


This method involves applying 100 x 1g pre bonded strands (for a full head) of u-tip extensions, They are applied using a professional low heat keratin iron to bond the keratin to your natural hair creating an almost undetectable bond around the natural hair. keratin is a protein that is naturally produced in your hair and is perfect to make a very strong bond for the extension.

Full head keratin bond extensions 22"

Half head keratin bond extensions 22"

Russian Hair 22'' (Full Head)

Combo: Keratin Makeover (Half Head Foils + 22'' Bond Extensions



$250 (Extra)


Combo: Keratin Makeover & Full Head Foils or Balayage


Application Own Keratin Bonds

Quarter head Keratin Bonds



Removal of Keratin Bond Extensions


A permanent method, not reusable. New set every 4 to 6 months.  




Removal of keratin bond extensions (full Head)

Root Stretch

Full head foils, toner & style

Half head foils, toner & style

All over tone, wash & style

Regrowth colour maintenance



Hair extension waves

Bridal Hairstyle Packages

Free of charge







From $60 - $100

From $60 - $90


Please enquire


While in the salon, we discuss where hair sits on each client (rather than lengths set in terms of inches) so we can aid a practical and informative consultation process. Therefore this list is for price comparison only and the final price is best reviewed in person at consultation.