5 Hairstyles To Flaunt Your Luxe Lengths

New lengths call for a new you! And who said one style fits every day of the week? We love seeing alternative ways of wearing your Luscious lengths so thought we’d share 5 of the most popular styles rocked by our clients!

5 Hairstyles To Flaunt Your Luxe Lengths

1. The effortless wave

It’s the ‘I woke up like this’ look and you best believe it’s super simple to create.

Otherwise known as beach waves, this natural look works a treat when it comes to blending your extensions, leaving a beautiful yet effortless result.

First, start by grabbing a curling iron or regular straightener. Then, take some big pieces and some small pieces and wrap them in the iron to get going. Using slow yet steady motions will give you the best results.

Not an expert? No worries! The more imperfect and messy the curls, the better the waves!

Oh, and remember to use a great heat protector product to prevent damage to your extensions.

Beach waves - Luxe Length - The Hair Extension Specialist

2. Low pony

How low can you go? Well, we suggest starting the pony at the back of your neck at the bottom of your hairline. This way, the hair will glide nicely down your back creating a lengthy effect.

To create a seamless look, sleek all your hair back with hairspray or your favourite product and comb back into the pony. Otherwise, don’t be afraid to go messy by pulling a few front pieces out.

Low Pony Hairstyle - Luxe Length - The Hair Extension Specialist

To add a little extra personality to your luxe lengths, grab a scrunchie to complete the look.

3. Brave it with Braids

Braids don’t work too well on short hair – but now’s your time to give them a good old go! And better yet, there’s so many ways to style your braids.

From two low braids to one big high braid, match your style to your mood of the day!

We love wearing braids when it’s a hot day or when we’re feeling like something a little different.

And we bet with your new locks you’ll love them too.

Braids Hairtyle - Luxe Length - The Hair Extension Specialist

4. Half up, half down

This one is an oldie but a goodie! Take the top section of your hair and pull it back. Tied into a pony, plait or bun – there’s so many ways to rock this look. It’s simple, yet versatile and can help show your neckline better if you’re wearing an outfit that allows for it!

With your extensions, make sure you’re grabbing them into the top section too so they’re not sticking out where they shouldn’t be!

Half Up Half Down Hairstyle - Luxe Length - The Hair Extension Specialist

5. Sleek low bun

Want to strip your hair from your shoulders without defaulting to a pony tail? This bun has you covered.

It’s a style versatile enough for you to wear with a formal outfit or out for brunch with the girls on the weekend.

Paired with a cute pair of sunnies and some earings that stand out – the low bun is perfect if you’re an accessory queen.

Sleek low bun Hairstyle - Luxe Length - The Hair Extension Specialist

Simply comb your hair back and wrap your hair around in a circular motion. Tied with a minimal elastic or a cute scrunchie, hold the bun with hairspray to get you through the day!

Need help with replicating any of these styles? Ask us during your next appointment and we’ll show you the works!

Michelle & the Luxe Lengths team

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