5 Of The Most Asked Questions About Keratin Bonds

Thinking of getting #hairextensions but not sure where to start? #Keratinbonds have your best interests at heart! While there are many types of hair extensions available through salons, we highly recommend keratin bonds because they’re best in class when it comes to healthy and happy hair!

Here’s the down low.

Luxe Length - Keratin Bonds Extension

#1 What are Keratin Bonds?

Keratin bonds are a popular hair extension method used today that leverages traditional methods of installing hair extensions.

Sometimes referred to as ‘glue in’ ‘keratin bond’ and ‘hot fusion’ extensions, if you’re after hair results that look natural, long and full – Keratin Bonds are your best bet.

The extension is made up of small strands of unprocessed human hair (we use 100% Remy and Russian hair), allowing for a durable installation with a natural finished look!

#2 How are they applied to the hair?

Keratin bonds are fitted into the hair manually, extension by extension with a keratin tip which is melted using a heated application tool containing Keratin protein.

Because Keratin is soft, your stylist will shape and mould the extension with their fingers so it is seamlessly wrapped around your natural hair. It is the oldest way of fitting hair extensions so it is well known and trusted by many clients who want natural-looking, long and full hair.

Luxe Length - Keratin Bonds Extension

#3 How do they grow out?

As your hair grows out, the bonds will naturally grow in accordance. However, at #LuxeLengths we can easily loosen the bonds with an alcohol-based remover and apply a new set of extensions. Easy as!

#4 What do I need to do for Maintenance?

To be honest, not much! That’s the beauty of Keratin Bonds. They’re super durable meaning that after installed, they can last up to three months with proper care and maintenance. So if you’re wondering if they’re worth the investment, there’s your answer!

Care for your #extensions as you would your regular hair. So, treat it to a luxurious wash 2-3 times a week and ensure you brush your hair lightly before you wash but frequently.

Where possible, avoid pool or seat water as the chlorine will dry your extensions out. Also, avoid products that are not silicone or oil based to ensure your hair is long lasting and lush!

But the most important maintenance? Just enjoy! The additional confidence you’ll get with your new hair will keep you worry free.

Luxe Length - Keratin Bonds Extension

#5 Will the hair extensions match my colour?

Will they ever! We have a whole range of blends to choose from and we can create a bespoke colour match for you as well.

Luxe Length - Keratin Bonds Extension Transformation

Upon consultation this can be discussed so to ensure you’re happy with the plan and will be even happier with the final results!

Any other questions? We’re all ears. Get in touch today and we’ll help you out.

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