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The hair extension ICON behind LUXE LENGTHS - The Hair Extension Specialist

Hey, I’m Michelle Cheerie – The ONLY hair extensions specialist you'll ever need to know. I get told quite often that “I am more than JUST a hairstylist” – there’s not many like me – a bold statement I know – and I’ll share with you in a moment why but first, let me tell you a few things about me so you get a better understanding of who I am and where I have come from to become the success I am today.

I started hairdressing at the age of 15 and in 1999 I moved to Sydney from a small country town because of my PASSION FOR ALL THINGS HAIR. I completed my apprenticeship at Raw, with award-winning Australian Hairdresser of the Year Anthony Nader as my mentor. This means that from the beginning of my career I have been taught by some of the BEST MENTORS in the world, forming solid foundations in hairdressing and salon services. The knowledge that was passed onto me has helped shape the HAIR GURU that I have become today.

I was introduced to hair extensions in 2002 while working as a senior stylist in an upmarket salon in Parramatta City, and that’s when my passion for hair extensions came alive. I have been LIVING AND BREATHING HAIR EXTENSIONS ever since.

Once upon a time...

In 2007 I worked for Great Lengths Australia as an esteemed educator and had the privilege of training hairstylists all over New South Wales in my specialist hair extension techniques. While working for Great Lengths Australia I also had the opportunity to work on tv shows with Channel 10 for shows such as The Biggest Loser. As well as collaborating with designers featured in Australian Fashion Week in Sydney and Melbourne. After this I took a bit of a break to become a mother, my biggest achievement to date.

In 2016, I noticed that there was a HUGE gap in the professional hair extension market in Perth, so I decided to take on a new challenge and that’s where Hair Extension Specialist Perth began. I have built Hair Extensions Specialist Perth to be where it is today, filled with talented and experienced staff, personally trained by myself who absolutely LOVE performing MIND BLOWING TRANSFORMATIONS on our beautiful clients, just as much as I do!

As Hair Extension Specialist Perth grew and grew - because of our amazing transformations - we then looked to share our talents with other areas of Australia and after months of research and constant enquiries from you lovely ladies on our social media, the Gold Coast was the clear winner! So, we found a space, rebuilt it from the ground up with all the LUXE touches that we have bought from our Perth salon that we are SUPER FAMOUS for.

Now that we have salons across multiple states we have expanded our business model and with that we have created one cohesive national brand, that's how LUXE LENGTHS - The Hair Extension Specialist was born.

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Today we have two renowned LUXE LENGTHS salons across Australia - in Perth and the Gold Coast. We have focused on quality and not quantity in our salons, with our clients' satisfaction constantly being at the forefront of everything we do. We are the ULTIMATE LUXE LENGTHS HAIR EXTENSION EXPERIENCE performed by the BEST HAIR EXTENSION SPECIALISTS in the Australian Hair Industry.

So that’s enough about how I became the success I am today, message me NOW and let me HELP YOU on your journey to having the LUXE LENGTHS you ALWAYS dreamed of.





Michelle Cheerie xox

Luxe Lengths - The Hair Extension Specialist

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